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COMMENTS from our brides

source: Zankyou

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Livia Lima

Certainly one of my best wedding caterers! How good it is to know that my choice and that of my husband were the best in terms of filming! It couldn't have been different! Daniel and his entire team did a wonderful job! Very nice people, very professional, very friendly and very sensitive to capture the best moments of my big day! If you are looking for a filming professional with such expertise to make your wedding video dynamic, light and with beautiful scenes chosen with all the care, there is the right company. And detail: the value of the service was super fair!

I hired "The Same Day Edit" service and I just loved it!!! This is a video that is taken in real time and shown even on the wedding day to the guests, showing the best moments of the event! It was very beautiful! All my guests loved it!

The main video was so real and did so much justice to the day that, watching it, I recalled all the feeling I felt at my wedding, walking into the church, walking into the party and enjoying the dance floor as if not there was tomorrow.

Choose Wedding Insight Films and you won't regret it! Thank you so much for the excellent work and for all the affection with which my husband and I were treated! 

livia lima.png

Carol Rivera

I can't imagine having made the video of my wedding with someone else! It wouldn't be half as perfect as it was!
We watched some Wedding Insight movies and soon loved the quality, transitions and dynamism. We went to meet Daniel in his office and it was a match! He captured our rock vibe, my husband's nerdy side and my romantic way. I thought he would never make a video that had these 3 pillars.
Of everything we chose for the wedding, I think the choice for Cena Mídia was the only one that we agreed hahaha and that it didn't take long.
We talked all year, Daniel followed all our process and details.
On the wedding day, Daniel was there...quietly, crew too, super calm, you don't even notice them there filming during the ceremony. We also did some posed takes, walking.
Afterwards, I sent messages to Daniel wanting to choose the songs lol... he "calm down, I'll choose some that fit well". I couldn't believe it was going to be the way I wanted it.
I received some beautiful teasers. And it didn't take long for the clip to come.
Whose, perfection! I cried like a child. The songs... I meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh! Rocks I liked marrying with scenes of people dancing funk. Lots of good songs, each scene more beautiful than the last. Completely romantic and fun video and very rock and roll. The romantic scenes of our tortoises... the most beautiful thing! No words to explain how much we love it!
On Mother's Day he even sent mini videos of me and my husband with our mothers... a thrill!
When the long video came out, almost 50 minutes edited, I don't want to stop watching it. A delight.
Everyone loved the movies! I indicate Daniel and his entire team with their eyes closed. Calm, understanding, listen to you, wonderful quality, creative, captures the way the couple, sensational professional and wonderful person!
I confess, I've always been a photo-loving person... I only thought about my wedding photographer. And my fiance was always saying that the video had to be cool. I thought "ahhh it's going to be long, something I'll only see once". But it's not (the long video I've seen 5x and the clip I think about 20). It's going to be the way you live your marriage, because at the time everything goes very quickly. But with a movie like that, you can see every detail, remember scenes and special moments.
Your work is amazing! They deserve all the success in the world. I hope we can still make many movies with you.

livia lima.png

Ketiuce Zukeram

I contacted Wedding Insight Films for my wedding, we arranged a meeting with Daniel at his workplace and we were very well received! There I was able to learn more about his work and even one of the videos he showed us, moved us a lot, especially my husband! I even received several tips and guidance from Daniel about marriage, important tips coming from someone with a lot of experience in this field. We left, husband and I, excited with the dedication and professionalism that Daniel received us. Surely that choice was already right!

My wedding was in Buzios, and for being there I came across suppliers with very high prices for my budget, including local ones. With mt search, I found Cena and even though they are from RJ like me, this was not an obstacle to going to my wedding and an excellent job at a price that for me could not compare! 
On my wedding day we didn't have any worries or stress about filming! My husband commented to me that he thought it was excellent when Daniel arrived at the place, greeted him, and wanted to know directly who my ceremonialist was to deal with everything that was necessary! We had no doubts that it would be like this: professional! And when the filming arrived, emotions were being relived every minute of filming and sound, by the way the music was perfectly matched...and the editing words! We cry and get emotional once again! Ah, it's important to point out that the delivery time was super respected! He always kept in touch giving me updates, and releasing the teaser first to dps the full footage! I know this happens with other providers, because I have friends who have had to wait a long time even to get access to the footage! With Daniel from Cena Mídia, that doesn't happen, huh?!
Anyway, if you're looking for professional filming and work, look for Cena! If you are looking for quality and price, look for Cena! I recommend a lot to everyone and with my eyes closed, Cena! Aside from the husband, Cena was the right choice I made for my wedding! Hahahaha =P

livia lima.png

Bruna Bitencourt

High quality producer!
Daniel knew how to capture every special moment of our big day... I confess that every time I see a tear of emotion falls, lol. I highly recommend it! Work done with perfection, creativity and quality.

livia lima.png

Bia Herbstrith

Un'amica mi ha sample i tuoi lavori and dopo averli seen the subito captain perché che sei bravissimo! I will love to contract for my marriage here in Italy! Congratulazioni!!


receive your videos with ELEGANCE

Rustic handmade wooden box, wrapped in an elegant leather envelope, containing the most striking shortfilm frames printed on matte photo paper, an affectionate letter with dedication and, of course, the main one, a personalized pendrive in the same material as the case with your wedding videos.


creator of videos and DREAMS

Site ombro orelha.png

A great pleasure to welcome you here. I'm Daniel Melo, artistic video creator. I opened Art Insight Films at the end of 2014 with the desire to produce images with the beautiful aesthetics of cinema, valuing dynamic editions and making the most of the emotion in the stories.

In 2020 I was honored by the Zankyou International Wedding Awards me  placing it among the Top 10 Filmmakers on their website, leaving me even more immersed in new creations and art in this beautiful wedding branch.

As a former Chemical Engineer, art ended up taking over my entire spirit, pushing me once and for all to audiovisual. After becoming a professional at the International Film Academy (AIC), in the Photography Direction, Production, Editing and Screenplay courses, I deepened  my knowledge in addition to  get in touch with great professionals, from feature films to advertising films, making it possible to form quality teams for filming.

In the wedding videos, I value the energy of the parties a lot, as well as the beautiful close-ups of the reaction of family and friends at a ceremony, creating an atmosphere of a lot of emotion and madness, a lot of love and joy, in a crazy mix of emotions. And it is with this whole idea that Wedding Insight Films emerged, being part of the group that created all this art.

Our specialty, the 20min Shortfilm, we delivered along with the ceremony in full and dynamic (filmed with 5 cameras at different points), a 1min film with the entire wedding and even short videos of the best excerpts for social networks that we made available in the first week after the event. In addition to the pre-wedding video, we also created the very exciting Same Day Edit, a video of the wedding itself played on a big screen on the same day, from the making of to the end of the party. A real madness! A real thrill.

And so, I develop the whole concept of my work, promoting a unique experience with different sensations in the videos, causing true dreams and fantasies.


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More than images, we work with emotions.